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Testimonial for The Vegan Hood Chefs

The Bizerkeley Vegan

Ronnishia and Rheema have been serving the San Francisco Bay Area communities phenomenal food for years and we are forever grateful for their ingenious culinary creations. The Vegan Hood Chefs' talents span from recreating traditional southern foods like “catfish” sandwiches to Maryland favorites like crabless “crab” cakes paired with a mango salsa that is like no other! The most iconic dish that The Vegan Hood Chefs make to perfection is their award-winning Vegan Lobster Mac and Cheese! The lobster is so realistic any seafood lover would never be able to tell the difference! 

I would recommend anyone who is looking to find authentic flavors while eating plant-based to give Ronnishia and Rheema a phone call to find out about what they are cooking up in the kitchen! I absolutely give them The Bizerkeley Vegan seal of approval and you won’t be disappointed you gave The Vegan Hood Chefs a try! 

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