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Skin Protection for the Winter Days

Written By Erika Hazel aka The Bizerkeley Vegan

Winter blues got your skin down in the dumps? Perk up your skin with these moisture and protection methods to keep your skin glowing and smooth!

Winter is the time of year where temperatures drop, the wind whips, and when we see the rain and snowstorms going on outside our windows, we decide to change up our attire before our feet ever hit the ground! So how can we protect our skin from the varying weather conditions, the bundling of clothes, and the blasting of the heat indoors and in cars?

Let’s get into 3 solutions you can try!

Always check with your doctor or dermatologist about what is safe to apply to your skin and consult them immediately if there is a reaction.

Coconut oil: It works best on slightly damp skin, so applying after your shower is ideal. Massage it into your skin day or night.

Shea Butter: Shea butter can be applied directly to your face and skin before you go to sleep and it will work to keep your skin supple while you sleep! Shea butter is a great natural way to reduce inflammation on your face while promoting anti-aging too!

Sunscreen: Let’s talk protection! Fun fact: Snow reflects 80% of sunlight so before you hit the slopes, grab the sunscreen! You may think since the days are shorter, colder, and with the weather a little less fabulous, that you may not need protection from the sun. Unfortunately, it’s not necessarily the sun you need protection from. It’s the UV rays like UVA and UVB that accelerate aging of skin and skin cancers.

Remember to sunscreen up or wear moisturizers that have SPF included in the formula!

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