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New Year, New You?

Written by: Erika Hazel aka The Bizerkeley Vegan

We have heard it time and time again, “new year, new me!” But is that really necessary? Before you read on, stop what you’re doing and think of 3 amazing things about yourself. I can tell you 3 amazing things about yourself right now:

  • You made it through 2020

  • You have a computer or phone to read this article on

  • You are supporting a Black-owned business by reading this! Thank you!

Now that we got done talking about how awesome you are let’s get into this new year! With a new year and a whole 12 months ahead of us, do you really need to ‘change’ who you are? Maybe you can improve on the amazing person you already are!

Minor yet major changes or adjustments that are both simple and accessible to everyone including:

  • More time outdoors! Why? The fresh air and sun help boost a positive mood and is a nice change from the indoor air!

  • Exercise; while many force themselves to accomplish unattainable aspirations for fitness, you can simply start by committing to going for a walk 2-3 days a week or even work out one night a week every week for a month and then go from there!

  • Last adjustment, our eating habits because our guts are our second brains! Commit to eating one salad every week and go from there! Introducing more fruit into your diet for breakfast to help with digestion is also a great idea!! Smoothie bowls are a great way to get several servings of fruit in!

No matter what you do or don’t do, each day is an opportunity to be our best selves! But never forget you are amazing the way you are and any tweaks or adjustments that you make are just an enhancement to the person you already are!


Frozen Plant-Based Delights

The frozen aisle isn’t just for ice cream, popsicles, and frozen peas! The freezer section has many vegan delights for everyone to choose from or every meal of the day! Let’s dive into a breakfast option, a complete meal for during the workday, and a great appetizer for your next

movie night or dinner party!

Breakfast: Waffles are an easy breezy go-to!

Toaster waffles are the thing of childhood breakfasts before school but now we can have them gluten-free, vegan, and organic! One of the best brands is Van’s Foods frozen waffles! They run from about $2-4

dollars in grocery stores and come with 6 waffles in each box.

Lunch Time Meal Ideas

Here is a great list of frozen meals ready to be heated and enjoyed for a lunch on the go!

Some ideas include:

  • Amy’s Kitchen Frozen Meals including quinoa bowls, rice bowls, casseroles, and burritos, and wraps!

  • Try the Sweet & Sour quinoa tofu bowl or the Tortilla Casserole with Cheeze!

  • Sweet Earth Foods Frozen Meals like the Butter Chik’n or Pad Thai!

Appetizer Time!

Spring rolls and pizza are easy to whip up in no time! Vegetarian and vegan spring rolls are always a great appetizer and snack! Brands to try according to

  • Chung’s Spring Rolls (Kroger)

  • Wei-Chuan Vegetable Spring Rolls (Kroger)

  • Lucky Foods Vegetarian Frozen Spring Rolls (Target)

  • Lucky Foods Thai Frozen Spring Rolls (Target)

  • Imperial Gourmet Vegetable Mini Spring Rolls (Walmart)

  • Tai Pei Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls (Walmart)

When it comes to frozen pizza you have many options to choose from! Daiya Foods and Sweet Earth Foods are two great options to choose from that should be available in a grocery store near you!

Overall, there are so many options to choose from!! When walking down the aisle, grab something of interest and check the back of the package to check the ingredients and allergens to make sure it's free of animal products!

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