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Keeping Our Curl Game Strong! Vegan + Black-Owned Hair Care Product Feature

Written by: Erica Hazel aka The Bizerkeley Vegan

When it comes to all things Black/African American hair, the search for the best hair care products can get hairy.  What’s my porosity? What order do I put the products in? Nighttime moisturizer or daytime leave-in conditioner?

While I can’t answer all of your hair care questions, I can give you a Black woman-owned, San Francisco Bay Area company that can solve your leave-in conditioner and dandruff problems ASAP!

Avocurl was “created out of a dorm room by Jasmine Curtis, who was tired of products that left her hair dry and contained harmful ingredients.” Her handmade creations use all-natural ingredients for your hair like avocado, coconut, banana, and aloe vera.

Jasmine’s Leave-in Conditioner is a daily product you can use to moisturize and revitalize your scalp and tresses. Apply daily to damp hair and feel the peppermint and lavender oils do their thing while the aloe vera and avocado oil make magic happen!  This product is a 10/10 because this product does exactly what it says it is going to do!  Hair moisturized and soft throughout the day? Absolutely!  Invigorated scalp and strands, you know it!

Local retail locations include Mandela Grocery Coop. in Oakland, Rainbow Grocery Coop. in San Francisco,  Berkeley Bowl Main and West in Berkeley, as well as the Ecology Center Store on San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley.  Don’t forget that ordering online is always an option at!

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