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Get Fat

Written By: Vegan Out The Mud

The word “fat” has a negative stigma and understandably so but there are good sources of fat and bad ones. Anyone who doesn’t know any better would be shocked to learn fats are actually a key part of a healthy diet and contribute to major bodily functions. 

One purpose of fat in the body is to store energy. When food is not readily available or hasn’t been consumed for some time, the body begins to burn its stored fat deposits to keep itself in motion. Fat also can act as an insulator. The same way whales use blubber to stay warm, human fat reserves can provide a small relief from colder weather by slowing the rate at which heat is lost. Lastly, fat acts as a shock absorbing cushion that surrounds our organs. Organs are surrounded by a layer of fat that softens physical impact.

The most important part of implementing fat in your diet is getting it from a clean source. Vegan sources of clean fat are avocados, nuts or seeds and coconuts. Although important, fat should make up a very small portion of your diet, about 10-30%.

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