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Common Plant Based Mistakes

Common Plant Based Mistakes

Written By: Vegan Out The Mud

Our diets are ingrained in us from birth. Our eating habits are passed down from our parents,

who for the most part, adopted their eating from their parents and the cycle repeats itself.

Culturally that helps us maintain a sense of tradition but in some cases these habits might not be

the healthiest and adjusting them to be plant based takes some effort and furthered education to

avoid common mistakes.

One thing that people mess up when trying to eat plant based is they don’t eat enough. Starving

yourself has nothing to do with plant based eating. Your caloric intake whether you’re trying to

maintain, gain or lose weight doesn’t change based on you eating vegan or not. It may help if

you get a free calorie tracking app to see the value of the plant based meals you’re eating until

you build a strong enough idea of how much of what foods help you reach your goals.

The next issue people tend to run into during an attempted vegan transition is they don’t get

enough of their daily nutrients. This is tied into the first point again from people not doing their

research and not eating enough of the right foods. Just eating plants aloe is going to

automatically healthy. You have to eat an assortment of them to pick up the range of vitamins &

minerals they provide because each fruit, vegetable and seed has its own specific benefits.

Lastly, people fail to understand that vegan food is not synonymous with healthy. The defining

line in vegan food is the avoidance of cruelty not so much health and a lot of people make that

mistake. Clear examples are Beyond Meat burgers or frozen mock meats. All of these taste

delicious but they aren’t the healthiest choices at all, nor are they marketed as such. They are

strictly alternatives for people to enjoy meals that are traditional without the killing of an animal.

These foods should be eaten sparingly, just like their non vegan versions would be.

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