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Wine Too?

Written by: Vegan Out The Mud

For most vegans checking the ingredients label on food and drinks is second nature. To look for obvious or hidden animal ingredients is just a habit. One place that is easily overlooked is alcohol. There are some brands that list their ingredients while many only provide the alcohol content, especially wines. 

Wine is made from fermented grapes and depending on the brand can be blended with other fruits and spices. What, other than hints of honey, could make a wine not vegan? Ground pig bones,fish and eggs. Shockingly and more often than not, wine brands are not vegan. When wine is produced it finishes with small protein particles floating in it. In order to make the wine clear, some wineries use what’s called a fining agent that attracts the particles to help filter them out. The problem is these fining agents are gelatin, protein from fish bladders and egg whites. 

Luckily there are some ways to know if a wine is vegan outside of the already labeled vegan brands. Asking your local winery what fining agents they use is a start. Also look for wines that are labeled “unfined”. Naturally wine will clear itself if allowed to settle but to make money brands rush the process with the fining agents. There are some brands who take pride in the natural process which creates unfined wine. Lastly there is a helpful website called that has a list of popular brands and indicates which are vegan.

In this vegan journey there are many obstacles, some of which are hidden. When you’re unwinding or having a good time remember to check your labels and do your research behind the brands you give your money too.

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