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Wellness Wednesday’s: Episode One

On Wednesday’s we will be going live on our Instagram at 7:30PM. Wellness Wednesday’s are a way for us to connect with community and share resources. We usually have opportunity to connect with everyone during our events etc, but due to the COVID-19 we have not had the opportunity and we miss you all! on Wednesday’s we will be highlighting all different aspects of wellness such as fitness, nutrition, and mental health. Look our for special guest as we conduct live interviews with different community experts!

This week on Wellness Wednesday’s we took time to honor the fight for black existence! as experienced organizers we wanted to share our feelings and stories about being on the frontline! In this episode, we shared some tips regarding food to bring to the protest as well as other general tips to stay safe! In addition we share some organizations that are fighting for black lives as well as foods to eat to help reduce stress or anxiety! If you did not get a chance to watch it here is the video below:

One of the ways we are healing during this time is through music! So we have created a Revolution Play list for you guys! Check it out below! Click the link here to access it on Spotify:

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