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Wellness Wednesday Interview with Dasan from Natrully Herbs

1. Please tell us about yourself and your business !

I'm Dasan  1 of 3 owners of Natrully Herbs And More LLC.  I've been studying herbs and health in general for over 4 in the half years now. We created Natrully Herbs  as a self healing space for us and our people to come together, heal together, learn together, work together and grow together as a family. It's not just a store.

2. What inspired your health journey?

My health journey was inspired by the complete loss of sight in my left eye.  It taught me to appreciate my body more and realize how important every part of it is. Even though I lost my sight in my left eye my vision became more clear.

3. Please tell us a little more about the significance of opening your business in Richmond?

The significance of  being in Richmond Is the fact that it is a great pillar for the successful mission because the level of trust is already given because the people know me being that I am from Richmond myself.

4. What is the story of why and how your business was started?

How this the business was started was one day my wife and I were talking and I said instead of doing it online let's just  open a herb shop. ( We had  previous conversations about opening an online herb shop.) I said you've taken classes and I've been studying we can create the space we are looking for. The following day I got on craigslist look for commercial spaces in Richmond checked out one other space on Mcbryde, then ended up here at 4113 Macdonald Ave which was the 2nd location we checked out. We paired up with Janika and Ed who also had holistic backgrounds and made it happen.

Why we started this business is because there was a need for a service and a space like this  because a lot of us felt or never knew there was a alternative  to western medicine, never known a different way, and the ones who did know had limited access.

5. What does black ownership mean to you and how does this impact your business?

I don't use the term black to describe myself because it is a color and not a nationality and has no standing at law. But being a business owned by melanated, indigenous,  autochthonous people (an inhabitant of a place rather than descendants of migrants or colonists.)  has been impactful because that is one thing our communities are missing and the more melanated businesses there are the more we can circulate our own dollar into our own communities and become self sufficient,  reliant, and sustaining.

6. What do you envision for expanding your business?

What we invision as far as expanding is moving to different communities like our own and helping to assist with changing the dynamic of health in these communities through dialog, experiences and connecting.

7. What are some of the major health issues that are present among people who access your services?

Some major health issues have been cancers of all sorts, diabetes, anxiety,  skin conditions,  herpes, heart conditions and more.

8. Have you seen a significant shift or impact in your community from utilizing your business?

We've definitely seen a shift in our community. The demographic of people that decided to come and was exciting to see because it was a lot more of our people coming to support which made us feel proud.

9. What are some health tips you would like to share with the community?

The number one health tip I'd like to share with my community is learn your self and what your made of so you have the ability to build yourself into a better you.  Replenish yourself with that of which your made of. 10. What are some of the ways people can support or be involved in your business?

To support you can shop with us in store located at 4113 Macdonald Ave Richmond Ca, 94805 or online at also anyone who has shopped with us please leave a review on google. We truly appreciate it.

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