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Sunday Pre-Orders Now Available!

Hey family this week has been crazy! We are happy to announce our Pre-Orders for Sunday Deliver 6/7/20 are now available!

This week we will be selling our Famous and most Delicious Fried Oyster Mushroom Poboys paired with our Vegan Cajun Potato Salad. We source our organic oyster mushrooms from a local mushroom farmer called Far West Fungi! Our Bread is baked fresh and sourced from Acme Bread Company! It’s toasted to perfection and glazed with our garlic aioli. We top it off with fresh diced tomatoes, red cabbage, and green onions. Our combo Hot Honey and Chipotle Sauce gives it a sweet and spicy kick!

Our Juice of the day is Watermelon Soursop Juice. Soursop has been well known for its cancer fighting properties. Some research has shown it to be more effective than chemotherapy! We just wanna heal the hood! We’re only making a limited amount of sandos this week so make sure to order!

Our Pre-Order website can be confusing. It sends out automated messages that we cannot edit. So please note that deliveries will be made Sunday 6/7/20 between 3-7PM!

Click the link here to order:

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04 de jun. de 2020

I’m trying to order for delivery in SF and when I enter street with city, state & zip & apartment number I get a message that says “missing or invalid default region”. I tried just entering the street and apartment number and I get the same message. Any tips?

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