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Preparing for Fall Weather and Fall Foods

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Written By: Erika Hazel aka Bizerkeley Vegan

After Labor Day, we start to see new seasonal items in the stores; skeletons and pumpkins mark the beginning of autumn and the harvest season, and ultimately the end of summer.  With a new season on the horizon, it's time to shift gears!  Break out the sweaters and scarfs,  warm drinks become the norm, and different fruits and veggies are in season!  A great page to follow is the Black Vegetarian Society of Georgia.  They post monthly and seasonal produce picks for the month.  

Why is it important to eat in season?  1 good reason to eat in season: it is more cost efficient!  According to Mount Nittany Health, when produce is in season it is in abundance so that lowers the price!  

There are so many ways to eat these seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  Try making pies, crisps, and stews with the abundant produce.  Thinking about batching roasting veggies in the oven and making extra meals to freeze for easy use later on down the road.  Try seasonal recipes recommended by your local farmers' market and check for fall recipes to make the most out of our autumn produce!

So this fall, let’s fall in love with pumpkins, squash, pomegranates and sweet potatoes!    

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