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Iconic Summer Foods, Vegan Edition!

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Written By Erika Hazel aka Bizerkeley Vegan

Every year when summer rolls around, we automatically think of our favorite hot weather foods; ice cream and popsicles or cotton candy and funnel cakes from the county fair. From Memorial Day weekend in May to Labor Day weekend in September there are so many summer foods we can't wait to dive into! Here are 3 summer favorites that anyone can enjoy, whether they are on a plant based diet or not!


Nothing makes summer more complete than ice cold watermelon straight from the fridge! Slice it up and pop it on a popsicle stick (find them at craft stores or your local dollar store) and pass them out to the whole family. Whether you prefer seeded watermelon (I know I do!) or seedless, make sure to grab one that feels heavy for its size and has a creamy yellow spot to get the perfect melon to enjoy. Don’t forget you can freeze watermelon chunks to make a slushie drink that is perfect for a hot day!

Hot Dogs

When it comes to campfire meals and BBQ cookouts, hotdogs are often one of the superstars of the meal. Whether you dress your hot dog up or play it clean and simple, make sure you grab a pack of Lightlife Smart Dogs and recreate some of America’s notable hot dog styles like the Chicago style dog with sliced tomato, some chopped onions, relish and pickle spears, and don’t forget the yellow mustard.

Banana Split Sundaes- Reinvented

Nothing screams summer like the legendary banana split! This dish may have gone out of style but with summer often comes a time of not eating as healthy as we should (too many BBQ’s dishes and not enough salads, fruits, and veggies!). This old school sundae means you are eating an entire banana and this time around we can include more healthy toppings such as fresh strawberries, your choice of nuts (think pistachios, peanuts, or roasted walnuts), and maybe a dash of cinnamon or a sprinkling of coconut shreds!

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