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Hood &HEalthy Survival shopping list

To Vegan Hood Chef Family, 

One of the hardest things to do, when transitioning into being vegan is learning how to shop. We have been living a vegan lifestyle for more than 4 years now, and shopping is sometimes still a headache. Over the years the amount of vegan options have tripled, which were super excited about, however it can be hard on your decision making as well as your pockets. To help you guys out we created a simple vegan shopping list. This list is super helpful in navigating the grocery store in these unprecedented times, and it can also be used as a pocket guide for the near future. 

This guide is a large and general list, which means it is a bit bigger than a traditional shopping list. It would be most helpful to use our list as a reference when making your weekly shopping list. The Vegan Hood Chefs Shopping Guide is broken down into different food categories, to make navigating the store a bit easier for you. The items in each category are some of our favorites but are not the only options available. 

Our grandmas always said……. “If you teach someone how to fish, they can feed themselves for a lifetime.” We want you all to absorb as much knowledge as you can so that you can adopt a vegan lifestyle that is fruitful, enjoyable…..and LIT!

Much Love, 

The Vegan Hood Chefs

Please enjoy and make use of our shopping list that we put together for you all.......

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