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Gluten Free: Delicious Ways to Enjoy the GF Life

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Written By : Erika Hazel Aka The Bizerkeley Vegan

One of the many things I get asked is “Does gluten-free mean the same thing as vegan?” And then my face goes :|. While gluten-free does not equate to vegan food, there are bounds and bounds of gluten-free vegan foods!  This article is for folks who want to try and reduce gluten in their diets, this is not dietary or medical advice from those who have gluten sensitive illnesses like Celiac’s disease.

So why might someone who isn’t allergic or have a sensitivity to gluten want to try to cut gluten out of their diets?  Two reasons are:

  • Cutting out major players like cake, cookies, and pasta for a while can be beneficial for weight loss! 

  • You may find yourself eating less processed white flour products and eating more fruits and vegetables!

One thing to look out for in packaged, baked, or processed gluten free foods is to look for the following ingredients:

-egg, egg white, or egg yolk

-dairy: butter, milk, or cheese 


Now that we know what to look for, let’s move onto the fun; tasty gluten free vegan things to eat at home and when ordering out!

At Home: Fruits, Veggies, and more!

First and foremost, fruits and veggies are your go-to’s!  Think stir-frys, tofu scrambles, fruit smoothies, and more!  When doing gluten free at home, a whole foods plant based diet makes things super simple because you don’t have to read package labels and worry about cross contamination (read: Produced in a facility that processes…).  Here is a recipe for vegan potato salad  or this Vegan Thai Green Curry by Sweet Potato Soul author Jenne Claiborne.

Eating Out: Vietnamese, Ethiopian and Latinx Cuisine and more!

When I am staying away from gluten, I love a good hot bowl of vegetarian pho or a vermicelli rice noodle bowl, topped with tofu, green onions, carrots, zucchini, and more! Don’t forget that rice noodles are a great substitute for noodles made of wheat gluten!

When it comes to Ethiopian food, order the teff flour injera to scoop up your seasoned lentils (Misir Wot), mushrooms, and flavorful greens with!   

As for Latinx foods, corn tortillas are where its at for you!  Think veggie street tacos, chips and guacamole, beans and rice and more!  

The combinations of foods you can make or order are endless and you should mix things up as you continue to try foods free of gluten!  

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