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Black and Vegan; Finding balance between Tradition and Change

Written By: Erika Hazel aka @BizerkeleyVegan

In the United States and abroad, we all use food as a way to express love, care, and use food to build community. You may have memories of mom or grandma’s best dishes (can you say Red Velvet Cake and macaroni and cheese?) or someone else teaching you the basics of chopping, slicing, and preparing a meal. These are all traditions that are apart of the Black American experience and it may seem hard to transition these good times into a plant based or vegan lifestyle. 

The good news is that there are many resources to help anyone get started on a plant based diet and many chefs are sharing their soul food and family dishes in local restaurants!

The African American Vegan Starter Guide has over 30 pages of advice, tips, and information on dining out, vegan pregnancies, and getting the nutrients we need! They even have a section on how to “handle the family reunions”. This starter guide is one the most thorough and helpful pieces of reading you can download for free to help you transition smoothly. 

Ready to find something to eat? Check out The Vegan Hood Chefs preparing soul food for their communities.

The Vegan Hood Chefs are whipping up vegan fried fish and cast-iron mac and cheeze for the San Francisco Bay Area! Find out what vegan options are in your area and comment and let us know your favorite!

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