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Written by: Vegan Out The Mud

Whether it’s coffee in the morning, pre workout mixes or cans of energy drinks, people who are on the go are always looking for an extra boost of energy. Drinks like Monster, Bang and Rockstar are widely used for that purpose but they aren't healthy solutions. Luckily there are clean sources of fuel like MCT oil.

Vegan MCT oil is made from coconut oil. The MCT stands for Medium-Chain Triglycerides. That’s a fancy way of saying a short chain of fat. Fat is a source of energy that is either broken down in your liver & burned immediately or stored in the body.These medium chains are effective in delivering fat immediately to the body because their short length doesn’t require complicated functions to break them down.

Another benefit of getting energy from MCT is that coconut oil is a clean source. Most of the popular drinks contain ingredients that have addictive properties along with added sugars and dyes. The energy they provide comes at a tax on your liver.

For anyone looking for more energy, MCT oil is a great solution. It’s a clean burning fat chain that naturally occurs in coconut oil & is free from caffeine, high amounts of sugar and other ingredients that are added to most of the popular energy brands. The chain’s short length makes them easy to break down and be used by the body quickly.

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